About Clinical Direct

Clinical Direct Ltd (formerly Healthcare Marine Ltd.) are operating from our new larger premises near Edinburgh, so we are now able to offer you an even more responsive & comprehensive range of clinical and pharmaceutical product lines.

You can now benefit from being able to order the fullest range of PPE, pharmaceutical medications, medical grade oxygen cylinders, approved clinical consumables and even the latest Wi-Fi enabled Defibrillators!

We’re also now able to offer you a wide range of CPD approved clinical training courses from Mental Health Awareness, Emergency Life Support training as well as the new Covid-19 CPR training courses which we’ve recently developed.

Medicine & Vitamins

Personal Care

Fitness & Dietary

atched to you in under 24 hours.

Providing the best advice, service and supplies available.


  • Ambulance Services
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Event Paramedics
What we Do

Sourcing Only the Highest Quality Products


MHRA Licenced WDA(H)51098

Trusted by our clients throughout the UK and abroad.